Partial List of Shawns Credits & WCA clients with other Producer/Engineers

The Mars Volta Grammy Certificate winner for Shawn (Protools Editor)  “2009 Best Hard Rock Performance” on the record Bedlam in Goliath.

Omar Rodriquez Lopez Mixed 10 solo albums (yes 10!) from Omar from 2009-2010 also did mixing and sound design on his movie “Sentimental Engine Slayer”.
Bleeding Through- engineered “this is love , this is murderous”

Saosin mastered the EP “saosin”

X-Ray Dog Great writers of film scores and trailers- Producer/Engineer Beau Burchell tracked drums for x-ray dog’s new catalog here in late 2011. 

Lit tracked an entire record at the old location in Anaheim

Indian School (formerly Audio Karate) Mixed their Debut EP and Prouduced/engineered mixed the new song “Bower Bird”

SugerCult Tracked at the old location in Anaheim

A Thorn For Every Heart Produced, engineered and mixed their full length record for Universal/kick ball

Science Fiction Theater engineered produced and mixed many of their EP’s and their full length record

Reel Big Fish- Produced, engineered,  mixed three of their records. They are still killing it every night and getting bigger again! Ska- Core- mafia forever!

Kellogg’s Rice Crispies produced and mixed featured song of Reel Big Fish for Sat morning advert

Indian School (formally Audio Karate) EP 2012

Carl Verheyen produced engineered and mixed the record “Six”

Bring It On- performed on (additional backing vocals, AC guitar in intro) , co-produced, engineered and mixed the featured song in the movie Bring It On starring Kirsten Dunst

Mr and Mrs Smith Movie Soundtrack-Shawn sang the high backup vocals on Atreyu’s cover of Bon Jovis “Shot through the heart”

KingQueen engineered and produced the song “Nobody Cares” 2012 release TBA

Love and a .38 Mixed their seminal EP


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