1976 Guild D-50 acoustic guitar, a very rare and exquisite sounding and playing Sunburst Guild. My favorite guitar for pop/rock tunes

1965 Framus Stratodeluxe very unique electric guitar that sounds nothing like a Strat or Tele, has band pass filters switchable from the its extensive pickup/tone selector to get the rattiest funkiest tones I’ve ever heard from a guitar

2004-Fender American P-bass deluxe great standard bass available here for use

1992-Takamine S132 classical guitar (1990′s) a very dried out and well used classical with a very nice tone for those last minute “i have a classical guitar part” ideas

1982-ibanez Artist Series 300 Whenever i played this model of guitar “back in the day” i blown away with the quality of these guitars. After owning many Les Pauls through the years and being dissatisfied with their overall quality i decided to go back to what i really loved from the start, love this guitar!

1994-G&L ASAT tele with Bisby tremolo and a 1 “off” vintage gold paint job for the NAMM show 1994. Great and unique sounding guitar …as a side note this guitar was signed by George Fullerton, after i went pistol shooting with George and Jeff (son). Sadly he passed two years later.


(2) Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinets

One is located in its own isolated 5X9 tracking “closet” and is extensively mic’d up at all times….way more information here

the second is located in the tracking room isolation closet and can be moved wherever it is desired for tracking .

Marshall open back 2×12 cabinet loaded with a Celestion G12-H and Vintage 30 speakers

1968 Fender Dual Showman 2X15″ cabinet with CTS speakers (same speaks as used in Ampeg Flip Top amps)

Kustom 2×12″ Tuck and roll Silver sparkle loaded with Celestion greenbacks¬† very big sounding, and large cabinet.

Ampeg 4×10″ (PR410-HLF) bass cabinet. The 13-ply void-free Baltic birch cabinet, braced to survive nuclear attack and insanely heavy, this is the best 4×10″ bass head i’ve ever heard and is as loud (or louder ) & better sounding then my previous 8×10 ampeg.

Ampeg 1X15″ (PR15H) Nice single 15″ bass cabinet with High freq Driver.

Guitar Amps

Landry LS100- Excellent Boutique High Gain amp with a great clean tone (very hard to find).

JOS Flexi head Hand wired and hand made 50 watt plexi (1965 Marshall plexi clone)

Fender Vibrolux Reverb Handwired 2×10″ combo Excellent in between clean and dirty tones, and great clean Fender tones.

Thunder Tweak Buzz Bomb 18watt high gain, Basically a Soldano SLO 100 front end with a Vox AC15 back end. Cool little amp.

Marshall 1974 100 watt amp “Friedman mod” from clean to very mean.

Marshall hand wired 18watt plexi clone by JOS desert island amp head.

National 1950′s era 2×10″ combo amplifier unique tone, handwired by magnavox, great chimey class A clean tones.


Drum Kits

Noble & Cooley¬† CD maple drum kit from 1990′s- I have cut a couple hundred projects on this kit and it is a great modern rock kit sizes: Toms; 10, 12, 14 inches. kick is 22″x17″

Fibes Kit Very Rare kit from a now extinct company, the Fibes kit utilizes maple plys with one ply of gum wood in the middle as a overtone balancer. Vintage sizing: toms are 12, 13, 16, Kick is 24″ as killer as the Noble & Cooley in a more vintage way.






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