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Guitar Re-amp/Tracking System

i got a little tired of mic’ing up guitar cabinets many times over spending sometimes hours to get what i wanted, then have the whole thing torn down just to start over again on the next project This is what i did about that.

First i built a large isolated enclosure ( 5×9′) to house a 4×12 cabinet (Mesa Boogie cab) then i changed out two of the stock Vintage 30′s with a Green back celestion and a EV12L. So there is a : greenback, EV12L, and 2 vintage 30 celestions now loaded in the Mesa Boogie. Then i used 10 microphones to mic up these four speakers.

EV12L is mic’d with: Sennheiser 421, Shure SM57, and AKG D112

Vintage 30 (1 of 2) is mic’d with: EV old US Air force dynamic omni, Shure SM57

Vintage 30 (2 of 2) is mic’d with: 1960′s Funkberator dynamic omni mic, Shure SM57

Greenback is mic’d with: Shure SM57, EV re15 and EV old US Air force dynamic omni

Then we (my buddy Beau and I) spent 10 hours tweaking the mics to be in phase/time  and sound good together in the zillions of combinations of mics that are now available. These mics are locked down and siliconed so they cannot move. I dont want them to move, cause they sound great where they are.

Now time is spent pushing up levels on each mic  and instantly (or near instant) getting amazing tones, so you can start playing music with no compromises, in fact you have a much broader range of tones availble than a typical recording session for Guitar.

One thought on “Instant Tone

  1. I can say first hand that this setup is unequalled. Virtually any tone in existence at the touch of a button…just wait and listen to our latest project.

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