Control Room

Designed from the ground up. WCA’s control room features Helmholtz resonator bass traps on the entire side and rear walls, 4 ft deep, 6 ft tall broadband/bass absorption for the rear of the room. The Helmholtz walls are made from ( LEED cerified) Tectum and additionally are mass loaded and sealed on the back side. There is broadband absorption on the side walls with 2″ thick Tectum panels and additional trapping between the angled tectum panels and the Helmholtz/Tectum  resonator walls. This carefully thought out and designed room yields massively controlled and defined sound. The control room floor is made from 700 Fender Custom Shop™ rosewood neck blanks.

Zero Environment Room

Originally designed by Tom Hidley and Philip Newell the Zero environment room concept  was designed to give the least sonic foot print possible and adding the least sound of their own as can be designed into a room. WCA’s control room is such a room with attention paid to building the room around the monitor system and monitor system around the room since they are completely intertwined in response. Additionally the rear and side walls are almost completely absorptive with rather massive bass trapping in particular in the rear so the bass emanating from the monitors is the bass you hear, not the peaks and valleys of an inferior room reflecting back bass out of phase.

world class audio control room.

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