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World Class Audio Inc.

is a premier recording studio in Southern California specializing in high quality music production and engineering aided by the best sounding and largest 936 sq ft tracking room in the area.

Rather than another “Me Too!” studio, WCA is outfitted with amazing one of a kind custom tube and class “A” equipment that have a truly unique sound. From our fully dynamic automated Harrison series 12 analog console, to our 1940′s, 50′s, 60′s and 70′s mic pres and outboard gear, the tone you will achieve here stands apart from the crowd. The acoustics were designed with age old principals in mind while melding cutting edge design elements throughout. Different and better is our motto. Whether you’re a rock band tracking a record or a chorale or wind ensemble, the physics of sound still apply & our room is ready to meet your challenge with ease.

Better and Faster…..Instant Tones

We have two world class recording drum kits ( Fibes and Nobel and Cooley)  one is setup at all times mic’d up and ready to record which greatly reduces setup time and cost, but yields “A” record tones instantly.

Also we have what we believe is the best guitar tone solution anywhere. In a acoustically decoupled room we have a 4×12 cabinet loaded with (2) Celestion vintage 30 speakers, (1) Celestion “greenback” and a EV12L.  Then we spent 10 hours tweaking 10 different mics on all four speakers till we got what we wanted from each microphone, but all working with each other in phase. Then all mics were locked down so they cannot move. What we have here is amazing tones on command with an infinite combination of tonality that never gets broken down or moved.






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