Harrison Series 12 Console

Harrison Series 12 fully automated 64x48x8 channel analog console. 4 band Eq, high/low pass filters & compression/gates on all channels and sub groups. Very easy operation and recall of all parameters in less than 5 seconds! Discrete (no IC) outputs. You wont be looking at a screen for 20-30 minutes to recall your console like an SSL.

Tape Machine

MCI JH-24 2″ machine. Fully recapped and serviced in 2012

Mic Preamplifiers

RCA-ba31a (2) germanium solid state 1960′s era pres with a nice attitude.

Rca ba-2c (2) modified 1950′s with UTC LS-10X input transformers and solid silver wiring. -20dB input pad. great sounding tube pres!

RCA OP-6 1940′s tube customized with external power supply, DI input and choice of either original transformer or Jensen for modern or vintage sound. Also continuously variable output fader for overdrive if desired. Very quiet for the 90 dB of gain, great for a guitar fuzz front end as well …. if you like $4K fuzz boxes.

Harrison Series X, 8 channel Jim Williams modified, 2000 volts per microsec! slew rate , bypass caps on the new elctrolytics means Damn fast performance! fantastic sounding pres up there with my best tube pres.

Spectrasonics (2) 1969 model 101 Originally designed by William G. Dilley. custom racked by my tech Ken Raines. Input pads, phantom power, gain control via stepped resistor networks and original iron (Triad transformers)

Cinema Engineering (2) – 1950′s incredible sounding and very rare, these tube pres have a tone unequaled by anything made today or in the past. Very easy into distortion as you increase gain and get the elusive “grrrr” sounding edge to your tracks. Cinema Engineering was the first to use the term “console” for their products in the 1950′s that we all use today.

Custom made tube mixing console  (3) channels mixed to 1. This little tube mixer uses my favorite 1620 tubes and UTC-LS transformers. Its actually a passive mixer where the summing happens in a special UTC LS-13 transformer. Then there are three 1620 tubes for gain makeup. I use this on electric guitar amps all the time to sum and mix multiple mics.

Newcomb tube mixer (2) channels mixed to 1. Another old broadcast tube mixer primarily used for guitar tracking.


Harrison (64) channels of EQ on the series 12 console.

Cinema engineering (2) 1950′s passive eq.with the insanely rare tube gain makeup modules.  Considered the best sounding eq of its era by many. Simple boost/cut ( +/- 12 dB) at 100hz and boost/cut ( +/- 12 dB) at 10khz or 5khz.

Spencer Kennedy HP/LP filters model 302 (4 channels) utilizing 30 vacuum tubes and precision 5 way potentiometers these filters literally sound like nothing is there, like magic when used for extreme filtering.


Harrison (64) channels of compressor/limters

Urei 1176 vintage 1976 blackface compressor limiter

TSL 3 vac rack limiter Holy Grail to some, this limiter is incredibly smooth on Bass and kick sub groups, also great on vocals and backing vocals.

Eylisia Expressor German Discrete class a compressor, modern and very refined sounding. Parallel mix is achievable  with the mix control. Great for entire mixes or busses.

Allsion Research gain Brain (4) Discrete compressors that are the great “sleepers” of the studio world. These came out of Fantasy studios in Berkeley California and what a sordid story they could tell, if they could talk. these particular Gainbrains have transformer in and out for added galvanic isolation.

Spectrasonics Model 601 limiters (2) One is just not enough! Great sounding, fully re-capped and serviced, these compressor/limiters are one of my favorites. great for drum room mics, acoustic guitar and sizzling up a vocal when needed.

Compex FX-760 when the levee breaks much? same compressor used for “when the levee breaks” drum tones of Led Zeppelin. I use them for electric and acoustic guitar sub groups mostly, also percussion is something they excel at. Very good for vocals as well.

DBX-160 VU (2) These started out life as 161 vu’s and were then converted to exact 160 VU specs (which took like 4 or 5 parts) . These are spongy on the low end and poppy sounding on the transients.

 Other processors

Drawmer MX-50 de-esser best analog de-eeser I’ve found

Ebbe Und Flut analog synth fliter. Great german made analog synth filter that can make very unique sounds out of ordinary analog sounds like guitars, vocals and drums, and can really spice up synth sounds. There’s basically a patch bay in the back for triggering LFO’s, VCO’s and the like.

Telray delay-1960′s oli can delay, like water for chocolate- whatever that means!

Roland 501 chorus tape echo-like a 201 with balanced ins and outs and chorus…. very cool

Binson Echorec- in the shop for repair….. but soon!

Plug-ins Way too many to list or count.




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